Quantum matter physics is the branch of physics that studies systems of very large numbers of particles in a condensed state, like solids or liquids. Quantum matter physics wants to answer questions like: why is a material magnetic? Or why is it insulating or conducting? Or new, exciting questions like: what materials are good to make a reliable quantum computer? Can we describe gravity as the behavior of a material? The behavior of a system with many particles is very different from that of its individual particles. We say that the laws of many body physics are emergent or collective. Emergence explains the beauty of physics laws.

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Through their observable properties, the first and smallest dark matter halos represent a rare probe of subkiloparsec-scale variations in the density of the early Universe. These density variations could hold clues to the nature of inflation, the postinflationary cosmic history, and the identity of dark matter. However, the dynamical complexity of these microhalos hinders their usage as cosmological probes.